How to end the daily school lunch madness

The easy way to order school lunch

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Mums and Dads,

Hands up if you're often running late on school mornings before you've even got the kids' lunches started. Then you dig through the fridge for something remotely fresh and edible, and find nothing. Finally, you decide to order lunch instead, then scramble around to find that elusive paper bag and the right change to put inside?

Now there's a hassle-free way to feed the hungry hordes at school - School Lunch Online.

Do you want to end the school morning kitchen chaos and take the hassle out of the morning rush? Simplify your life and order the night before, week before or anytime within the current term.

Why you'll be a happy parent

healthy & sensible

  • Lunches your kids love with ingredients you love
  • Cost-effective healthy meals
  • Have input into the menu via an initial online survey

easy & flexible

  • No minimum order or long term commitment
  • Order ahead up to any time within the current term
  • No more paper bags or finding the correct change
  • Order up to the cut off time for your school's selected supplier. This varies amongst suppliers and cut off time may be the night before

affordable & secure

  • Pay per order or keep your account topped up
  • An email will instantly confirm your order
  • Choose from secure payment options

As easy as 1,2,3 (well, 1,2,3,4 really)

  • Register

    your family today

  • Choose

    from your school supplier's
    healthy lunch selection

  • Order

    your kids' lunches
    ahead or on the day

  • Pay

    as you go or top up your account regularly

Check our FAQ if you have more questions.

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Talk to us about School Lunch Online!

School Lunch Online can work with your current canteen or canteen supplier!

Even if your school has a part time canteen, full time canteen, external supplier, run by the P&C, School Lunch Online can work in with you to end the daily school lunch madness.

No more lunch dramas ever again! Contact us now for assistance to set up your school.

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9 o'clock. Schools in.

Do your teachers have to spend the first 15 minutes of each day sorting out students' hand-scribbled lunch orders and payments?  Is your front desk a sea of brown paper bags? Do you have trouble finding canteen staff or a healthy school lunch supplier?

Is there a mutiny on the horizon from Mums and Dads?

Now there's a hassle-free way to feed the hungry hordes at school - School Lunch Online.

Not only do kids eat well, but it gives time-poor parents a bit of breathing space in the mornings and lets your hard-working teachers focus on doing what they do best - teaching.

Even better, staff can use the service too. So they can enjoy a healthy lunch in the peace and quiet of the staffroom.


How we make your school more efficient

makes financial sense

  • Absolutely no cost for the school
  • Saves administration time
  • The opportunity to raise funds with promotions

easy & flexible

  • No administration for lunch order collection
  • No more classroom disruptions due to money handling and order taking - all orders and payments are dealt with outside of school premises
  • Simplified distribution of lunches via common labeling system

healthy & sensible

  • Direct involvement with menu options via our innovative online survey
  • Your school sends parents the survey link. It helps establish specific menu needs, so you can get options right from the outset

as easy as 1,2,3 (well 1,2,3,4 really)

  • Register

    your school with School Lunch Online

  • Choose

    your own supplier or we'll help find you the right one

  • Notify

    families about the service via school website or newsletter

  • Receive

    lunches at your preferred delivery point in the school

Check our FAQ if you have more questions

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Increase revenue, profits and your customer base!

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Calling all school lunch suppliers!

If you're a school lunch supplier, or aim to become one, a hassle-free ordering system that parents and schools love would be the perfect way to increase sales and generate profits.

Imagine an online ordering system that makes receiving and packaging orders easy every morning (nothing like the fiddly paper bags suppliers wrestle with now). Imagine a system that makes school orders easy, so parents choose this option more frequently. Imagine your business gaining exposure to a wider customer base via the online portal. Imagine one streamlined weekly payment via bank deposit.

Imagine no longer!

Introducing School Lunch Online, a convenient, easy to use service that's passionate about kids having nutritious, healthy and tasty lunches every day.

Why it pays to work with us

increase profitability

  • Our surveys show that more parents would order lunches using an online ordering system
  • Increased market coverage resulting in increased sales
  • Significant reduction in administration costs- no menus to distribute, coins to count or orders to tally

simplify administration

  • Each morning, you'll receive a consolidated production schedule, with supporting label production, letting you focus on revenue-generating activities such as making great, healthy lunches
  • Weekly consolidated payments into your account at the beginning of the following week, no more trips to the bank with bags of coins

provide great service

  • We will work with suppliers and parents to survey needs, enabling you to fine tune menu selection, and hence increasing revenue
  • No more errors, with system generated packing slips.

Spend time making profit, not counting coins easy as 1,2,3 (well, 1,2,3,4 really)

  • Register

    as a school supplier and receive your own login details

  • Upload

    We'll upload your agreed school lunch menu for you

  • Print

    your daily production list and packing labels

  • Deliver

    the lunches to the school at a time and place specified by the school

Check our FAQ if you have more questions.

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